Bunnies and FLEAS!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!

Last year, I rescued Andre (3000) from a rabbit meat farm in Lanett, AL near Auburn. He was a mess and very aggressive. Needless to say, it’s been a challenge taming him. It didn’t take me long to notice that in addition to all of his ailments he was infested with fleas! I shouldn’t have been too surprised, as most animals who are kept outside fall victim to these insidious blood suckers.
I went to the pet store right away and asked the worker there which medication could be administered to bunnies. I was handed Frontline and told that would do the trick. I didn’t question the pet store employee, wrongly assuming they would know best. I put the medicine between Andre’s shoulder blades and to make a long story short-that night he was barely conscious and I was freaking out. He had licked some of the flea medicine off. I took him to the vet, where I learned Frontline can kill bunnies. It has fipronil in it which is deadly to rabbits when ingested. Advantage does not have fipronil in it and therefore safe for bunnies.
Luckily, Andre wasn’t about to let his new life as a spoiled indoor pet escape him that quickly. Thanks to Dr. Campbell at Riverview Animal Clinic after 4 days under close watch, flushing out his system, he made a full recovery. I’m almost positive that if it had happened to one of my little dwarf rabbits they would not have been able to survive.
Just remember, you can’t always trust the well meaning pet store employee when it comes down to your animals health. I’m still kicking myself for not researching it thoroughly before going to buy a product.
Go here for more facts on rabbit care.
This film is also a must have for any rabbit owner.


3 responses to “Bunnies and FLEAS!!! AAAAHHHH!!!!

  1. Oh wow! I am so glad he pulled through! What a lucky bunny. Love the ears too.

    A good, inexpensive alternative to Advantage that works for worms and internal parasites as well as external parasites is any kind of Ivermectin horse wormer. You can order it online if you don’t have a TSC or feed store near you. I’ve been using it on my bunnies for years and even the most sensitive bunny tums have taken it well, and it’s perfectly safe. And only $7 or $8 – one tube will last years. Love it!

  2. Forgot to mention that bunnies have a very similar digestive system to horses, so the horse wormer is very gentle on their system.

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