Ways to save money if you have a bunny!

If you have a pet bunny or if you’re like me and have more than just one sweetie toot, then you know how expensive hay and litter is at the pet store. We were spending about 100 bucks on hay and litter each month. We realized we had to find a cheaper way to get these necessities. I told my friend Ruth about our predicament. Luckily she had the perfect solution; find a store that sells horse supplies!

Bunnies and horses have a lot of similarities. They both eat tons of hay and they can even use the same litter! The best part is it’s about 80% less than the bunny stuff at the pet store! We can now get a bale of horse hay for $10.00And the litter is better than the recycled paper. It’s compressed wood chips and costs $6.50 for a 40 lb bag! The bale of hay lasts about 3 months and the litter lasts 1 month, but we have 3 litter boxes to change. So, we’ve gone from 100.00 a month to under 10.00 a month! Woah that’s a 90% savings! I didn’t realize that until just now. Horse litter

I hope these ideas help you save money so you can buy your little buns more greens. Oh that reminds me! We also discovered the local part of our Harris Teeter sells kale, turnip greens and mustard greens that are all locally grown for a dollar a lb. And I don’t know about your bunnies but my bunnies lllloooovvvveeee kale.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Tofu I took today. He found out how to open his food container. Too cute.


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  2. Another tip: Since we moved to Nashville and there are less horse farms nearby than there were in Carrboro, NC, we discovered that Tractor Supply Co. has horse litter, too. And if you’re concerned about it being Pine based, don’t worry b/c since it’s compressed all of the oils have been squished out, so it’s bunny safe. It’s actually cheaper too, $5.50 for a 40 lb bag.
    They also have big bags of bunny pellets that will last you FOR-EVOR
    I know the TN stores have stopped selling bunnies, but if the one in your town hasn’t you can also use going there as an opportunity to complain about them selling bunnies, too!

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