Getting discouraged…

Well today starts the 10 day count down to the end of our kickstarter campaign for Trains-Forming America. We are officially only 18% funded with $1,825.00.00. I’m still proud of raising this much money and I’ve learned a lot about fund-raising in the past few weeks. It’s hard! I can honestly tell you that I have been working as hard as I can on this project. Filming, meeting with transportation experts, calling and emailing railroad societies,thinking of creative vignettes to get people interested (ie: the Save April promo’s)

I feel so blessed to have such supportive friends and family who have pledged just because they know how much I love making documentaries. I think some people would’ve given even if I was making a film about different types of toupee’. And that means a lot to me.

The thing about this subject is that the more I’ve researched about high speed rail the more passionate I’m getting about the topic and the more I want to be able to finish the film! A lot of you may not know how expensive it is to make a film. I spent (and am still spending) my own money on my first film, Equal Hoppertunity. I can do that only because I believe in it. I learned a lot making that film and know that I want Trains-Forming America to have a better production quality, which is why I need a bigger budget.

I still feel like it’s possible we’ll make our goal, and it will be because of people like Eush Tayco, and Kara Ohugushee writing tumblr blogs about it that get reblogged!

So, even though I’m getting discouraged that we are so far from our goal I am also hopeful. I’ve added another backer incentive to kickstarter that I’m hoping will spark your interest and get you excited about joining this campaign to change the way we think about transportation in America. If you pledge 40.00 or more you’ll get the opportunity to share your views on this topic with the possibility of making the final cut of the film!

I want to address some FAQ’s about Kickstarter is an Amazon company and therefore a very secure website. Your card will only be charged if we make our goal, if we don’t make our goal we don’t get any money at all. If you don’t feel comfortable doing that you can write us a check, email us on more information about that or if you could use a copy of the press release at

If we don’t make our goal I’ll definitely have re-assess the project and probably put it on hold. But we do still have over a week to make our goal and a lot can happen in that amount of time, so I’m going to be hopeful and just cross that bridge after April 16th.



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