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Uh-oh my gmail account is going to be permanently deleted! Who are these scammer morons?

Check out this email I just got from info101@verifiesdata.com, they are obviously not affiliated with Google and it is quite apparent they are ESL
“The Re-branding of Affiliate Google Web Browser has been much talk about how affiliate software fits into the overall Google advertising and security industry. Google will be deleting some account so as to reduce the number of registered Account on the New Affiliated Google Web Browser. We are also doing this to verifies your Account information on our new database security system. Please help us with the affiliation process by confirming your login details below so as to make a correspondence with the saved data on our system.
Email ID:

Complete Name :

Current Password :

Comfirm Password :

Present State/Country :

Warning: Your Account will be deleted and shut down permanently if you failed to provide the details above. Gmail will not be heard responsible for your negligence.
Thanks for your support.

Gmail Database Team.”